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Be The Attendant

Special Education students represent a growing portion of the student population, often requiring specially equipped vehicles and particular routes to specialized schools. The Leuschen Transportation fleet features buses and other vehicles specially equipped to transport these students and carefully manage each of their varying needs. Further, our drivers and attendants receive additional training to ensure these children receive the levels of care, attention and safety they deserve.

We are looking for individuals who are patient, caring and have an interest in assisting students with special needs. Attendants assist the bus driver in maintaining a safe environment by instructing students and upholding the bus rules and regulations. At times, they may escort students on and off the bus, assisting students with wheelchairs or other securement devices, and are responsible for monitoring students until they are released to a teacher, instructional assistant, parent, or other responsible and appropriate guardian.

Attendants are trained to respond to emergency situations, and are given the tools to react in a calm and efficient manner. They must attend staff meetings, in-service training, workshops and other required meetings for the purpose of gathering information required to perform job functions.

Interested in becoming an attendant? Apply now or call for more information, (705) 674-0708.